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Dreaming friends Keychain / Strap

Dreaming friends Keychain / Strap

7,00 € Regular Price
5,95 €Sale Price

A cute little Dreaming friend keychain or strap to fancy up what you decide to hang it on!

There is : - A little Rabbit dreaming to be a Star

                   - A little fox dreaming to be a Unicorn

                   - A little Kitty dreaming to be a Frog


Dreaming friends acrylic holographic stars keychain/ strap:


  • Acrylic
  • Metal keychain holder (Bunny, Fox) or tissue strap holder for the kitty design
  •  Bunny and Fox: +- 3,9 cm / 1,5 inch height
  • Kitty: +- 2,6 cm / 1 inch height
  • Holographic star effect
  • Main color: Bunny : blue and white

                             Fox: yellow and orange

                             Kitty: green and grey

  • Quantity: 1 (choose the one you want)


Please note that color may slightly vary from the one shown on the screen.


The decorations in the picture are not included

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