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Rainy kitten sticker(s)

Rainy kitten sticker(s)

1,50 €Price

Far all of you who like stationery, little cute sticker to decorate your furniture or to add to your collection.


Rainy kitten mate sticker(s):


  • Satin Mate sticker
  • Cloud: +-4,5cm H / +-4,5 cm W
  • Boots: +-3,5cm H / +-5cm W
  • Hat: +-3cm H / +- 5cm W
  • Umbrella: +-4,5cm H / +-5 cm W
  • Frog: +-5cm H / +-3,5 cm W
  • Quantity: 1 (depending on what option you choose)
  • Sticker pack contains 5 stickers (1 of each)


Please note that physical product color may slightly vary from the one shown on the screen.


The decorations in the picture are not included

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