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Methods of payment


On this site, you can pay by card (for exemple: VISA, Mastercard) or by paypal. Your order will be send to you after receiving your payment.



I ship from Belgium (located in Europe) with automatic tracking for orders out of Belgium.
For orders made in Belgium, the shipping and tracking depends on what option you choose. Please read carefully the different options and what kind of shipping it is before confirming the order.


IMPORTANT for shipping in Belgium you have different options without tracking note that above 350gr shipping is automatically tracked!

When ordering be sure to enter your correct address and double check before confirmation.

Processing time and estimated shipping time

I usually ship orders out each Saturday. It can happen that I will make some shipping during the week depending on the orders and time. 


Shipping in Belgium can take 2 to 4 days please keep in mind that I’m not responsible for possible postal delays – in busy season or if they are having a strike.

Shipping in Europe may take some days or some weeks depending in which country you are in.

Shipping out of Europe can take several weeks up to 1 or 2months (depending to which country it goes to), during transportation period to another country there can be a little delay in the shipping update. Please be aware that delay can always happen, order only if you are okay with waiting and don’t mind eventual delays.

If your order hasn’t arrived between the time period written above (depending on your location) please take contact with your local post office, make sur you have given in the correct address and to give out the tracking number if you have one as I am not responsible for orders getting lost/returned due to wrong addresses and failure to pick your order up from the post office.

If your order is marked as delivered but you didn’t receive it please check first with your family, neighbours, roommates ect... (it may have been picked up by them). If not take contact with your local post office to get more information. Sadly there is nothing we can do once it reaches your country and is marked as delivered.

Custom and import taxes

All buyers are responsible for any customs or import taxes that may apply (shipping fees doesn’t take those in charge).

Return and right to retract

You have 14 days to retract your order starting from the date you receive itIf you choose to use your right to retract, you can send me a message through the contact form. The cost of the shipping return is taken by YOU and then if the products returned are not damaged, we will refund the cost of the order without the cost of the shipping.

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